Who We Are

The Para Family Charitable Foundation, Inc. is a small, private, family 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Established in 1999, the Para Family Foundation is dedicated to supporting charitable programs and organizations that operate for education, eradication of disease, and the betterment of disadvantaged individuals, particularly children.

We have supported scores of various organizations over these past 19 years and donated more than $600,000. We support organizations including, Misericordia, Heart of Mercy, Susan G. Komen Chicago, Foundation Fighting Blindness, Camp Duncan YMCA, Loyola University Health System's Burn Unit, West Suburban Community Pantry, National Women's Martial Arts Federation (NWMAF), Muldowney Foundation, and many, many more. We are thankful to our donors who have continued to support us over the years. Your generous donations allow us to continue to help those in need in our community.

Founder’s Letter

The Wizard of Oz is a wonderful story about Dorothy’s journey from Kansas to the Land of Oz and back home again. During her journey, she offers to help a few friends that she meets along the way: a scarecrow, the cowardly lion and a tin man.

As the story unfolds, we’re captivated with following these four characters during their trials and tribulations. Each one seems to have a real problem that they cannot solve on their own. But they learn that by sticking together and helping each other they all make it back safely to once  realize “There’s No Place Like Home”. This story is one of the Para Family’s favorites (along with Christmas Vacation).

The Para Family Foundation is like Dorothy’s ruby slippers. It helps us get to where we want to go. Fifteen years ago, our family had an idea of how we might help others while we’re on our journey through life. Our own family has been touched by challenges that we did not anticipate a long time ago; degenerative nerve disorder, hearing and sight impairments, breast cancer, heart, arthritis, celiac and who knows what else is brewing the next time a new twister blows through Kansas.

With the help of family and many friends like you, the Para Family Foundation has donated over $600,000 to more than sixty eight (68) charities to help others in need. The foundation primarily focuses on helping children and young adults. We certainly can’t do everything but we do make a small difference in the lives that need a little help today.

Please take a look at our website for more information about our activities.

We encourage you to continue to help. Please consider becoming one of our new sponsors if you are not already one.

On behalf of our entire family, we thank you so much for your friendship, love and support.